Why do you need to choose an air compressor for drilling a water well?

In the drilling industry, drilling water wells is a very important job.

Water wells are generally divided into deep water wells (over 600 meters deep) and shallow water wells (100-600 meters deep).

In the depth range of 100-600 meters, there is no doubt that the diesel screw air compressor is a very good choice, because the air compressor drives the impactor to break the rock forcefully, and blows some rock debris out of the wellhead through the drill pipe.

The efficiency of drilling a water well with an air compressor can even reach a depth of 100 meters in one hour, and the hole diameter of the well is 6 inches.

Imagine if you use a batch of drilling equipment equipped with a WBW diesel screw air compressor, you can Drilling irrigation wells for farms in your area, drilling a well for aquaculture for a farm, or drilling a draft well for a village, these high-efficiency equipment can earn the trust of your customers.

WBW specializes in providing air compressors and supporting boosters for water well drilling equipment (if you need to drill hot spring wells with a depth of more than 600 meters, a diesel air booster is required).


Air compressor drilling, the required exhaust pressure and flow selection range introduction:

depth:200meters, diameter 140-254mm air compressor :18bar -600cfm

depth:300meters, diameter 140-325mm air compressor :23bar -1000cfm

depth:400meters, diameter 140-350mm air compressor :30bar -1200cfm

depth:500meters, diameter 140-350mm air compressor :30bar -1500cfm(2set)

depth:600meters, diameter 140-400mm air compressor :35bar -1500cfm(2set)