Construction of full hydraulic rope core drilling rig

Pneumatic reverse circulation drilling rig construction site

Mobile Diesel Engine Driven Screw Air Compressor

The red-appeared machines are mainly small and medium-sized diesel mobile air compressors。

Which are characterized by fuel saving and low noise. Some users have never touched this kind of machine. When the machine is started, the loud noise will make the operator reluctant to approach.

The noise is mainly generated by the sound of the diesel engine rotating and the fan. Usually, in order to save costs, the casing of the machine is very thin, and there is not much soundproof cotton.

We understand such a pain point, and we solved this problem by designing for the machine. The low-speed screw host is used, which reduces the noise, and the life of the screw host is increased, and the heat dissipation part has been optimized, so that the machine can dissipate heat well without opening the casing. Once the noise is reduced。

if your project uses the place For very strict noise requirements, try our diesel mobile screw air compressor!