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Ofrecemos compresores de aire tipo tornillo, que se dividen en dos tipos: accionamiento por motor eléctrico y accionamiento por motor diésel.

Screw air compressors are divided into oil-injection  screw air compressors and oil-free  screw air compressors!

Our company was established in Anhui, China. After years of market testing, we have come to a conclusion: under the same quality, our price is better. At the same price, our quality is better! 



screw air compressor
22kw screw air compressor
all in one screw air compressor

Oil injection variable frequency screw air compressor

185cfm air compressor
250cfm air compressor
diesel screw air compressor with air tank

sikd mounted diesel screw air compressor

mobile diesel air compressror
portable diesel air compressor
18bar diesel screw air compressror

Facctory diesel screw air compressror