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In a year, September and October are the peak seasons for the production and sales of screw compressors! In all parts of the world, people return to work from the summer vacation and start their work in the second half of the year. It is in the production and construction-related industries. Air compressors are an indispensable means of production! For the air compressor production plant, these two months are also the time when the production cost is the lowest, because the mass production reduces the cost of each machine, and the test cost of one batch is much lower than one Or the test cost of a few units, so the price of purchasing screw air compressors in September or October is relatively low! Welcome to consult!

132KW screw compressor
160kw screw air compressor
rotary screw air compressor
13bar 550cfm mobile air compressor
single stage compress air end
17bar 600cfm mobile air compressor

Mobile Diesel Driven Screw Air Compressor

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The customer received our screw air compressor ,The machine was delivered to them quickly and without damage!