Centrifugal Air Compressor

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centrifugal compressor factory
centrifugal compressor
centrifugal compressor factory
WBW centrifugal compressor

special process gas compressor

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Recycle hydrogen compressor

It adopts a counterbalanced structure and runs smoothly. It is the most widely used model in the chemical industry. It can also be used for pressurization and recovery of special gases such as natural gas, carbon monoxide and ammonia.

Air compressors are mainly used for unloading, loading, and medium transportation. The working medium can be “liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), propane, propylene, butane, dimethyl ether, ammonia, trimethylamine, etc.)… It is essential equipment for unloading and loading of raw materials for liquefied gas stations, ammonia stations, and chemical plants.

Flammable and explosive gas compressorI supplement the new hydrogen in the hydrogenation reaction in the chemical plant, referred to as “new hydrogen compressor”. Nitrogen Nitrogen pressurization equipment

Booster Air compressor

The diesel engine drives a silent supercharger, which can boost the pressure of your air compressor from 1.0mpa to 10.0Mpa. And the compressed air loss is very small. The special design keeps the speed of the machine perfectly matched with the diesel engine, which is very fuel-efficient. It is usually used in industries that require high-pressure compressed air such as water well drilling or piling. The diesel power part can be customized, which is stable and reliable. The price is relatively cheap compared to peers. Welcome your inquiry to know more details.