Explosion-proof diesel screw air compressors

Used in hazardous environments such as chemicals, petroleum, mines, etc. They are divided into two categories, screw-type mobile air compressors for coal mines and non-coal (chemical) explosion-proof screw air compressors.

 Explosion-proof air compressors currently on the market are: dust explosion-proof air compressors, environmental explosion-proof air compressors, and purple gas explosion-proof piston air compressors. The explosion-proof grades are: ExdIIBT4, ExdIICT4, EXTDA21

Mobile explosion-proof compressor
Explosion-proof air compressor
Explosion-proof air compressor
Explosion-proof air compressor

Mobile Diesel explosion-proof air compressor, including explosion-proof motor, electric control cabinet, fan, explosion-proof button, voice alarm, pressure sensor, temperature sensor, sealed joint

8bar-18bar/185cfm-800cfm (Cummins engine)


132KW oil free screw air compressor

explosion proff screw air compressor

The 37-90kw explosion-proof screw air compressor meets the global explosion-proof certificate level.

160KW oil free screw air compressor

Motor explosion-proof air compressor

110-250KW high pressure and high displacement, customized voltage. The whole machine is explosion-proof, the motor is explosion-proof, the controller is explosion-proof, and the coal mine dust workshop is available.