Air reverse circulation sampling drilling rig, referred to as RC drilling rig, is a drilling rig equipment used to obtain geological cuttings samples. Blow it to the ground, then be sampled by the rock dust separator to get the desired address rock chip sample! The working principle of the drilling rig is a drilling method using a double-wall drill pipe, which consists of an outer drill pipe and an inner pipe. These hollow inner tubes allow drill cuttings to be transported back to the surface in a continuous, steady flow.
Reverse circulation drilling does not produce a core-like sample, but a rock-dust-like sample.

During the construction of the reverse circulation drilling rig, the drill bit is driven by high-pressure compressed air to break the rock and generate rock powder. These crushed stones are transported up the inner tube by air pressure, discharged to the ground in a cyclone and bagged by assistants. As a test sample, available to geologists for testing and analysis!


The truck-mounted reverse circulation drilling rig integrates the drilling system, air compressor, generator, drill pipe bit and other drilling tool systems on a truck. In the reverse circulation exploration operation, the truck-mounted integrated system can be used to efficiently enter any site. , saving manpower and equipment costs. We can install any equipment that can serve you on the truck drilling rig according to your specific construction situation. For example, we can install a mud pump. This system can be easily transformed into a machine for drilling water wells, truly realizing multi-functional, integrated Type, mechanized work!

RC drilling rig

RC drill pipe

Reverse circulation drilling rigs use double-arm drill pipes that are hollow inside

RC drill bit

RC drill bit

RC Reverse Circulation Air Drill Bits are made of carbide for increased service life and high efficiency. 

Reverse Circulation Rig Cyclone Separator

Cyclone separator

Cyclone separators use centrifugal force in the core sample mixture to decelerate and sink the sample against the walls of the separator. After passing through the cyclone, the core samples can be collected efficiently without any contamination.

Demonstration of the principle of reverse circulation drilling rig

Hydraulic Driven Wireline Exploration Coring Rig

Main machine features: simple structure, full hydraulic transmission, ground contact multi-angle tower, thin-walled diamond rope core drilling design, can be controlled by remote control. Full range available: HTW NTW BTW caliber, drilling depth: 180 to 600 meters.

Remote control walking exploration drilling rig
Reverse Circulation Core Drilling Rig
HQ Wireline Coring Rig
The rig control cabinet has a remote operator
Ground contact tower, which can be supported at multiple angles
Crawler drills, and high-speed swing motors
Drilling rig with built-in winch, and mud pump

Coring and sampling drill tool display

Diamond Core Bits
Drill assembly
Thin Wall Drill Pipe
RC bits
RC Impactor hammer
rock dust separator