Anhui Pangeng Gas Compressor Co., Ltd. Since its inception, the company has consistently focused on the field of compressors. We have independently designed and produced various performances since the beginning of the sales of international air compressors with indicated brands. Different air compressors, and provide OEM service and technical support for many export companies. Starting from 2020, we will transform ourselves to produce and export compressors and other equipment!

WBW compressor home
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WBW air compressor production equipment
WBW air compressor production equipment

Application and production of air compressor

With the deepening of globalization, industrial production, as well as assembly lines and components, are the only way to produce air compressors, which reduces production costs and improves production efficiency. Enhanced product quality.

If you want to build an air compressor, the important part is the parts, plus the assembly process and rigorous testing. Large-scale production and sales make the air compressor technology continue to improve and the failures continue to decrease.

If a customer purchases a machine, the machine must contribute more than 10 times its own value to the customer during its service life. Only in this way can this air compressor be called a qualified machine.

The purpose of our WBW is that we are better than the quality under the same price, we are cheaper than the price under the same quality, and better than the service under the same conditions!

We look forward to communicating with customers all over the world!